Tax consulting

Looking for new ways to increase the profits of your company? Use the service of tax optimization in Czech Republic by DoMyTax!

Our experts will explain you:

● How to adapt the organizational structure of the company;
● Where it is more profitable to register a company;
● How to correctly use all types of existing taxation regimes in the Czech Republic to optimize the mandatory payments of your company;
● How to properly formalize a particular transaction;
● What are the benefits and other opportunities provided by the law, you can apply to legally save money now.

Our employees will not only explain how to reduce tax payments in Prague, but also give an online consultation on how to organize the correct document management. Only with an integrated approach you can achieve visible results that can provide significant business savings in the long term.

Ways to optimize VAT and other taxes

There is a wide choice of methods for legal reduction of mandatory payments. As part of online tax advice, you will be able to find out about the most common and effective ones, including:

● Replacement of one type of contractual relationship with another;
● Delay of tax payment;
● Reduction of the object of taxation;
● Delegation of tax liability to the satellite company;
● Change of jurisdiction;
● Use of possible beneficial privileges;
● Acceleration of depreciation, etc.

Benefits of Tax Optimization with DoMyTax

You apply to specialists who have been working in this field for more than 10 years. Our tax advice is based on a deep knowledge of Czech law and law enforcement practice, as well as on the solution of hundreds of cases for companies of different scale and type of activity.

When working with us you will receive:

● In-depth analysis of the current financial activity in the company, organizational structure and model operations.
● Experts will identify mistakes in the formulation of tax records and outline the most appropriate ways to reduce the amount of payments;
● A complete list of suitable optimization methods that our specialists will prepare, taking into account all the characteristics of the enterprise;
● Explanations on the procedure for adapting the current taxation scheme, document circulation and all activities of the firm as a whole;
● Assistance in the implementation of related procedures: the opening of new firms, registration of VAT, the improvement of contract templates for typical company transactions, and so on.
● We also guarantee the immediate response to the questions posed, as well as confidentiality of information about the company transferred to us during the cooperation.

Ask our tax advisor online – register on our portal and log in to your personal account. From now on all our services will be available to you. For more information about our offers, please call +420 228 229 092.