Tax advice for IT freelancers and those gaining income from investments and cryptocurrencies

We offer comprehensive tax consultations at your request: advising on anything from the taxation of cryptocurrencies to how to optimally use the lump-sum tax system. We’re also able to assist with reports on dividends and other investments.

    This price covers:

  • An analysis of the client's task
  • Provision of advice in an oral or written format
  • Answers to additional questions

Why do I need advice on IT taxation and income from investments and cryptocurrencies?

  • IT specialists are often subject to a degree of foreign economic activity, and this imposes certain obligations that are often only uncovered through a consultation with a qualified accountant - international VAT, invoicing outside the EU, OSS, IOSs, etc. All our accountants know these concepts firsthand and are ready to help you not only in the format of a consultation but also in the form of comprehensive accounting.
  • Legislation in the field of cryptocurrency is constantly being updated. It is easier and more profitable to shift the responsibility of processing tax documents to specialists. The cost of a mistake can often be too high.
  • The blockchain sphere is becoming more complex every year: taxes concern not only cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc.), but also their practices of creation (mining, airdrops, betting etc.). This is all without mentioning Initial Coin Offerings, NFTs, DeFi, CeFI, the purchase and sale of Stable coins, loans, and participation in liquidity pools. There’s so much that’s taxable here and it’s important to have a quality advisor on hand to save you an arm and a leg.
  • Some types of investment income (for example, income from the sale of securities) may be exempt from income tax. Dividends received in the Czech Republic should not be reflected in the annual report. All these subtleties are known and understood by Domytax’s specialists.
  • As part of creating an annual report, our accountants will take into account not only the features of cryptocurrencies and stocks in your portfolio but also use "traditional" discounts and opportunities to reduce your tax base.

Why is it convenient to obtain consulting services from Domytax?

  • We not only speak your language but also understand the problems that taxation can cause for foreigners, including issues of obtaining and extending residence permits, getting mortgages, etc.
  • We are qualified in matters of taxation of any complexity.
  • You save money. A timely receipt of the necessary information will allow you to make the right decisions when you need to, ultimately meaning that you pay fewer taxes.
  • You will be able to absolve yourself of responsibility. In our team, there is a tax specialist (dainový poradce) who is financially responsible to the tax service for his recommendations.
  • Our company and the tax consultant have insurance.

Additional services:

  • Bookkeeping – from 1,300 CZK / month,
  • Tax optimization - from 3,000 CZK / hour.
  • Legal assistance - from 3,500 CZK / hour.
  • Registration of companies, sole proprietors, liquidation, audits and much more.
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