Open a bank account in the Czech Republic

We will assist you with opening a safe state-guaranteed account in the EU for private and business needs. All-round support and translation of all required documents into the Czech language are included in the reasonable price.

Do you need foreign bank account for your business or personal needs? DoMyTax will help you to choose a credit institution, tariff and arrange your all of your documents. You will only need to provide the minimum required package of documents. Company director must be present in person to sign the application at the bank and register his identity documents.

When is it necessary to open an account in foreign bank?

Appeal to the foreign credit organizations may be due to the following circumstances:

Open a bank account in the Czech Republic
  • Set up a bank account in the Czech Republic;
  • The need to conduct business on the territory of a foreign state;
  • Planning a long-term residence or moving to permanent residence in the Czech Republic;
  • Acquisition of real estate in another country. In order to conduct the transaction and ensure the further maintenance of your property, it is necessary to set up an account with a foreign bank;
  • Protection of assets. Czech credit institutions strictly promote the obligation to comply with banking secrecy and the country's legislation
  • Preservation of money in a stable organization.
  • The local banking system has never experienced major shocks and has always demonstrated resilience in crisis periods;
  • Intention in the future to take a loan in a foreign bank.
  • Bonuses are low interest rates and a relatively loyal attitude towards borrowers, including entrepreneurs seeking funds to open or develop a business.

What do you need to create an account with a Czech bank?

The exact list of documents depends on the rules of each individual credit institution. As a general rule, an individual will need an identity card and a proof of registration at the place of residence in the Czech Republic. For individuals with permanent residence, it's sufficient to show a passport. Individuals with a residence permit may be asked for a work contract, registration of an individual entrepreneurship or an apartment rental agreement. The legal entity must provide constituent documents, as well as a copy of the director's passport. Papers drawn up in English must be submitted in translation, the apostille of documents will depend on the state in which the documents were issued. We provide this information individually. In addition, you need to fill out a bank application form. The credit institution will require additional documents (contracts with Czech partners, an office or warehouse lease agreement, if there are employees, then also work contracts.

Advantages of opening accounts in Czech banks with DoMyTax

This procedure can be difficult for an unprepared person. Which bank to choose? How to analyze the proposed options for the terms of cooperation? Which documents must be available, so that the process of opening a business or personal bank account does not last for months?

Specialists from DoMyTax will provide you with a detailed answer to these questions. After our consultation, the procedure of creating an account in Czech bank will become clear and transparent. We will also help you:

  • To determine the most convenient credit institution, based on your goals;
  • To understand the terms of service and the collection of commissions;
  • Properly prepare a package of all necessary documents;
  • Check the contract with the bank before signing it.

Get preliminary advice on opening bank accounts for your business or personal needs in the Czech Republic - use the special form on our website or call us: +420 228 229 092.