Simplified company registration

We offer a cheap way to incorporate a Czech company with one director and owner.

    This price includes:

  • The collection of a document pack needed for registration;
  • The preparation and submission of an application for registration;
  • A notarial record;
  • The obtainment of a license;
  • The drafting procedure related to power of attorney.

    Not included in this price:

  • Accounting services;
  • Document translations into Czech;
  • Sending documents by courier (if necessary);
  • The obtainment of a “no criminal record“ police certificate (this ought to be apostilled and translated).

Limitations for simplified S.R.O. registration

The simplified S.R.O. registration is attractive due to its affordability. However, it also has its own significant limitations:

  • Only one founder / director who owns 100% of the authorized capital may be registered;
  • The authorized capital cannot exceed 20,000 CZK.
  • A bank account may not be opened for the authorized capital of the company.
  • This type of registration is done without the creation of a Memorandum of Association. What does this mean for the founder of the S.R.O in the future? Each change (such as a change in address, the addition of a director / founder, a change in licensing etc.) will lead to a large amount of financial expenditure.
  • We recommend S.R.O registration only to those clients who do not plan on making any amendments to the company’s structure in the future.

Additional services:

  • Translations with legal certification from 1,250 CZK / standard page
  • Legal address registration: 7,000 CZK per year

Questions and Answers

  • How long does the registration process take?
    14 days.
  • Is my personal presence required?
  • What kind of licenses can be gained through this kind of registration?
    Only free licenses may be attained.

Optional services that might interest you:

  • Corporate accounting services: from 1,300 CZK / 55 EUR / a month
  • Tax consulting: from 1,500 CZK / 60 EUR / an hour
  • Administrative Assistance: from 1,300 CZK / 55 EUR / an hour
  • VAT registration in the Czech Republic (voluntary or mandatory): from 10,000 CZK / 400 EUR
  • Making changes to the structure of an S.R.O. with simplified registration: from 15,000 CZK / 600 EUR
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