Audit Accounting in the Czech Republic

We offer audit accounting for Czech companies. This involves an independent audit of the accounting / financial statements of a company at the request of the founder / shareholder.

    The price includes:

  • An analysis of the client's situation;
  • An analysis of a range of financial and economic activities;
  • Checking a range of accounting statements (checking the organization of the company's document flow and a correct reflection in the accounting department);
  • Verification of financial and non-financial information;
  • Verification of tax reports (verification of compliance with current legislation, correctness of filling out reports with an analysis of the tax system itself);
  • The creation of an auditor's report (a description of the state of accounting and tax accounting, indicating recommendations for correcting errors found);
  • The cost of the audit depends on the volume of audited accounting areas and tax accounting, the auditing period, the quantity and quality of information and documents provided, and the urgency of the audit.

Pricing of additional services, if used:

  • Administrative assistance - 1,300 CZK/h (minimum payment 1,000 CZK)
  • Accounting services - from 1,300 CZK pcm
  • Registration for VAT - from 5,000 CZK
  • Preparation and submission of an updated VAT report - from 600 CZK
  • Preparation and submission of a revised annual report - from 3,000, - CZK
  • Tax consulting - from 1,500 CZK/h,
  • Tax optimization - from 3,000 CZK/h.

In which situations is a voluntary accounting audit needed?

  • When buying a company. A change of ownership is always an important stage in a company’s workflow. Even if the accountant remains unchanged, the new owner must receive a complete analysis of liabilities from the accounting department in addition to reports expressing taxes due and other payments to government authorities. A tax report check must also be carried out;
  • Upon the change of an accountant / chief accountant, financial director or director of the company;
  • When looking to control the correctness of accounting (checking the work of the accounting department including full-time and non-staff accountants);
  • When verifying your accounts before the submission of the annual report or before a tax audit.

Which problems does an accounting audit solve?

Directors and business owners are encouraged to periodically carry out this procedure in order to ensure operational control of the company’s activities. An unscheduled audit should be organized upon purchasing or selling the enterprise, in anticipation of an inspection by the supervisory authorities. Moreover, one should be organised if the competence of the staff of the bookkeeping department is doubtful.

Thus, our auditing service allows you to:

  • Timely detect and correct mistakes in accounting documentation and reporting;
  • Find errors in the calculation of taxes and fees;
  • Protect yourself against tax-related risks;
  • Prepare for a supervisory authority audit and avoid the application of penalties in accordance with Czech law;
  • Improve accounting policies and optimize taxes;
  • Check the competence of your accounting team;
  • Make the enterprise more attractive to investors or buyers;
  • Find out reliable information about the financial status of a company before buying.

Advantages of conducting an accounting audit through our company

It goes without saying that there is always a need for this procedure to ensure business stability and company development. The question that remains relates to the assisting party in which you place your trust.

Our service provides several distinct advantages to the customer:

  • The audit is carried out by veteran specialists, each possessing over 10 years of experience in relevant matters. It is this very experience that allows us to uncover even the smallest of mistakes in documentation and the data contained in it;
  • You receive a detailed report on the status of your company’s bookkeeping and finances, as well as professional recommendations for eliminating identified issues and improving the financial performance of your company;
  • Simple and transparent tariffs make it easy to calculate service costs;
  • We respect trade secrets and confidentiality is guaranteed.

If you are interested in one or more of our services and would like to receive a commercial offer, you need to fill in the “form for audit accounting”. After receiving the completed questionnaire, one of our specialists will contact you and send you a detailed commercial offer.
All information received about your company is confidential and not subject to disclosure.

Additional services that you may be interested in:

  • Accounting services - from 1,300 CZK / 55 EURO pcm
  • Ongoing audit support – from 1,000 CZK/ 40 EUR pcm
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