Accounting and Auditing

Do you need reliable information about the financial situation within the company? Clarify everything about the actual status of the company’s finances with the help of our accounting audit service. Auditors from DoMyTax firm will conduct an in-depth analysis of the correctness of accounting at the company, the reliability of the reports content, as well as the compliance of company’s activities with the regulatory acts applied in the Czech Republic.

What tasks does the accounting audit solve?

Heads and business owners are encouraged to periodically carry out this procedure in order to ensure the operational control of the company’s activities. An unscheduled audit should be organized once purchasing or selling of the enterprise, expecting the inspection by the supervisory authorities, and also if the competence of the staff of the bookkeeping department is doubtful.

Thus, our auditing service allows you to:

  • Timely detect and correct mistakes in accounting documentation and reporting;
  • Find errors in the calculation of taxes and fees;
  • Protect against tax risks;
  • Prepare for the supervisory authority audit and avoid the application of penalties in accordance with Czech law;
  • Improve accounting policies and optimize taxes;
  • Check the competence of the accountant;
  • Make the enterprise more attractive to investors or buyers;
  • To find out reliable information about the financial status of the company before buying.

Advantages of conducting accounting audit in our company

There is obviously a need for this procedure to ensure business stability and company’s development. However, there remains the question of who can assign such an important task.

Our service offers several advantages for the customer:

  • The audit is carried out by specialists with experience of similar activities for more than 10 years. The rich practice  of our auditors allows to reveal the smallest mistakes in the documentation and the data contained in it;
  • You receive a detailed report on the status of the company’s bookkeeping and finances, as well as professional recommendations for eliminating identified issues and improving the financial performance of your company;
  • Simple and transparent tariffs make it easy to calculate the cost of services;
  • We respect the trade secret and guarantee confidentiality.

Order an accounting audit service in Prague on our website or by calling +420 225 850 207.