Accounting consulting

Do you want to receive advice on accounting issues? Use the services of experienced specialists from DoMyTax. Get immediate online advice on all issues related to bookkeeping, accounting reports or tax payment in the Czech Republic. Our help saves time, protects against mistakes and penalties for breaching the rules of accounting.

Accounting consultations – clear answers to complex questions

Our specialists will assist in resolving the following tasks:

● Registration of individual entrepreneurs and companies;
● Opening of bank accounts;
● Proper preparation of primary documentation;
● Application of tax regimes and benefits;
● Calculation of mandatory payments to the budget;
● The procedure and deadlines for filing reports;
● Tax Optimization;
● Consultations on registration of documents for foreign trade activities;
● Algorithm of actions during inspections;
● Resolution of disputes in the field of taxation;
● Interaction with state bodies;
● Other issues in the field of accounting.

Our specialists not only provide standard information based on the current regulatory acts. We analyze each situation separately, take into account the individual features of the enterprise, specific transactions, form the optimal solution, allowing to minimize costs and avoid penalties.

Accounting consulting – our advantages

● Your questions are answered by experts of the licensed company with experience in complex and complicated issues in the field of accounting in the Czech Republic.
● You are getting detailed consultations based on current legislation and law enforcement practice.
● In case of a problematic situation, the client can always rely on immediate provision of professional support from our specialists and clarification of non-standard accounting issues.
● A simple tariff system makes it easy to determine the cost of services.
● You use the knowledge and practical experience of the best accountants for the optimal payment.
● We guarantee the confidentiality of financial information provided to our employees.

Get an accounting consulting for your company right now – register on our web site or call us +420 225 852 012.