Buy a ready-made VAT-paying company

We offer professional assistance in buying ready-made companies in the Czech Republic. Moreover, we’ll help you with the fast re-registration of ready-made VAT-paying companies, either those with a history or those with a guarantee of the absence of business activity.
Ready-made VAT-paying companies with a history


  • Companies own valid VAT licenses
  • Companies have a history of activities and VAT reporting
  • Current owners are willing to sign statements about the absence of debts and hidden flaws
  • Low price


  • All legal obligations and debt claims remain with the company after a change in ownership
  • There’s no guarantee of assistance from the previous owner in the case of debt and settlement cases etc.
  • Legal costs (subject to reimbursement by court order) for the settlement of any claims shall be borne by the new owner of the company.
Ready-made VAT-paying companies without a history


  • Companies possess valid VAT licenses
  • The owner guarantees that the company has never engaged in business activity
  • Therefore, there will be no outstanding claims or shortcomings


  • Higher price

Additional services:

  • Accounting services for a VAT-paying company incl. all reporting from 7,800 CZK / month.
  • Changing a company’s ownership structure with a change to the charter while share capital remains unchanged 18,000 CZK.
  • Company legal address 7,000 CZK / year (approx. 300 EUR).


  • Why should I buy a company that has already been registered for VAT?
    Becoming a VAT payer in the Czech Republic is rather difficult; the Tax office might not simply require a business plan, but proof of the company’s ties to the Czech Republic as well (e.g. an office or employees, etc.). The registration period can also take 3-6 months, during which you will not be reimbursed for VAT unlike with regular VAT returns in a ready-made company with valid VAT registration.
  • Which registration option should I choose?
    If your business can wait 3-6 months, then you should choose the Standard option. This relates to a new company registration followed by the process of VAT registration. In the situation where registration is urgently needed, we recommend the option of buying a ‘Ready-made VAT-paying company without a history’. The up-front costs are justified by the guarantees provided by the seller. In other words, you can be sure that there aren’t any outstanding claims or business activities.
  • Does the company have a functional bank account?
    Typically, ‘ready-made companies’ have bank accounts. If this is not the case, a bank account can be opened at the request of the new owner before the company’s charter is changed. It is worth mentioning that during the account transfer process, the bank itself will start the process of verifying the new director and his ties to the Czech market. For hassle-free re-registration, we recommend using our Czech Nominee Director service.
  • What is a “no debt statement” and how will it be useful to me?
    This is a written statement by the owner and director of the company confirming that at the time of re-registration, this company had no hidden deficiencies and debts. This document can be used in the event of court claim proceedings.
  • Why is the guarantee of the absence of a company’s past activities so important?
    Verifying the company’s obligations does not eliminate the possibility that some past facts or prior contracts were hidden from the new owner (buyer) during the re-registration process. Since company debts legally bind to the new owner(s), the new owner(s) will have a financial and legal responsibility to settle them. This is often associated with additional legal costs related to pre-trial proceedings, the payment of the debt itself and the further process of refunding the losses incurred by the lawsuit.

You may need:

  • Nominee Director / Shareholder (Czech citizen) from 12,000 CZK / month.
  • Comprehensive tax advice from 1,500 CZK / hour.
  • Legal consultation 3,500 CZK / hour.
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