Buy a Ready-made company - VAT payer

Professional assistance in buying a ready-made company in the Czech Republic. Fast re-registration of ready-made companies - VAT payers, either with a history or with a guarantee of the absence of business activity.
Ready-made VAT company with a history


  • Valid VAT licence
  • The company has a history of activities / VAT reporting
  • Owner is willing to sign a statement about the absence of debts and hidden flaws
  • Attractive price


  • All legal obligations and debt claims remain with the company after the owner change
  • There’s no guarantee of assistance from previous owner in case of in debt settlement cases, etc.
  • legal costs (subject to reimbursement by court order) for the settlement of any claims shall be borne by the new owner of the company.
Ready-made VAT company without a history


  • Valid VAT licence
  • Owner guarantees that a company never conducted any business activities, therefore has no possible claims or deficiencies
  • Owner guarantees that company has no risk of unexpected debt or other legal claims


  • Higher price

Additional services:

  • Accounting services for a VAT company, incl. all reports from 3400 CZK/monthly (around 135 Euro/month).
  • Changing ownership structure of a company with a change to the charter and share capital unchanged 15.000 CZK (600 EUR).
  • Company legal address 6.000 CZK / year (240 EUR).


  • Why should I buy a company with a ready-made VAT registration?
    Becoming a VAT payer in the Czech Republic is not so simple - the Tax office can require not only a business plan, but also, for example, company’s binding to the Czech Republic (office, employees). The registration period can also take 3-6 months, during which you will not reimburse VAT unlike with regular VAT returns in a ready-made company with valid VAT registration.
  • Which registration option should I choose?
    If your business can wait 3-6 months, then you can choose the Standard option of a new company registration followed by the process of VAT registration. In situation when the registration is urgently needed, we recommend an option of buying a ‘Ready-made VAT company without a history’. A small investment in a size of initial costs will certainly pay off by the Seller’s guarantees of absence of business activities and other possible future claims.
  • Does the company have a functional bank account?
    Typically, ‘Ready-made companies’ have bank accounts or a bank account can be opened at the request of the new owner before changing the company's charter. It is worth mentioning that during transferring the account access, the Bank itself will start the process of verifying the new director and his ties to the Czech Republic market. For a hassle-free re-registration, we can recommend using the service of the Czech Nominee Director.
  • What is a “no debt statement” and how will it be useful to me?
    This is a written statement by the owner and director of the company confirming that at the time of re-registration this company had no hidden deficiencies and debts. This document can be used in the event of court claim proceedings.
  • Why guarantee of the company past activities absence is so important?
    Any verification of the company obligations does not eliminate the possibility that some past facts or prior contracts were fully disclosed to the new owner (Buyer) during the re-registration process. Since the “debts” are bind with a company, the new owner(s) will have a financial and legal responsibility to solve them. This is often associated with additional costs for a lawyer in pre-trial proceedings, the possible payment of the debt itself and the further process of refunding of losses incurred in the lawsuit.

You may need:

  • Nominee Director / Shareholder (Czech lawyer) from 12.000 CZK/month.
  • Comprehensive tax advice from 1500 CZK/hour.
  • Legal consultation 3.000 CZK/hour.