Financial Reporting and Statement Preparation in the Czech Republic

How can you ensure the quality and timely delivery of accounting reports in the Czech Republic? The answer lies in the use of DoMyTax. We’ve created a convenient online service that allows you to tap into the wealth of experience held by our accountants through a unique communication tool. This form of interaction facilitates the exchange of documentation and data, increasing the efficiency of work and optimizing the service that we offer to our customers.

The preparation of financial statements

The standards to which we adhere have been developed and promoted by the Czech Ministry of Finance. The current rules require the provision of a range of financial reports to the relevant authorized body annually, within the period from January 1 to March 31.

The required statements are:

● A Profits and Losses Report;
● A balance sheet;
● Report explanations;
● Income tax declaration and the relevant annexes.

A selection of these documents must not only be at the disposal of the financial department, but also be present on the Commercial Register.

What do we need to prepare these statements for you?

Our specialists will need:

● Copies of your company’s statutory documents;
● Access to the Account Book;
● Last year’s report;
● Bank account statements;
● Cashier’s checks;
● Outgoing and received invoices;
● Copies of contracts;
● Wage documentation.

Advantages of accounting with DoMyTax

Keeping records of financial transactions and providing information to authorized bodies is important for every organization. The well-being, stability and reputation of a business largely depend on these functions being carried out properly.

In order to ensure the correct preparation and submission of accounting reports, it is possible to find an accounting specialist, provide him a desk and pay him a salary. Another option is to contact us and get:

  • A reduction in costs due to the payment of concrete services required for the stable and scheduled financial reporting of your company;
  • Consulting from specialists with over 10 years of practical experience with dozens of complex cases in the field of accounting;
  • A guarantee of the timely preparation of reports in full compliance with current regulatory enactments;
  • Easily understandable tariffs, which allow for the quick calculation of prices.

Sit back, relax and leave your accounting to us. Order the formation and delivery of accounting reports via our on-site chat or by calling +420 228 229 092.


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