Accounting and Tax Assistance for Uber Drivers

Keep driving, leave the admin to us.
We’ll take care of the documentation, accounting and tax reports (including the identifikovana osoba mode).

    The price includes:

  • Invoice generation using data taken directly from your Uber account
  • VAT report preparation and submission (via datová schránka)
  • VAT payment details delivered via email
  • Preparation and submission of annual income tax reports (in PSSZ and VZP)
  • Control of incoming correspondence through datová schránka.

Why do you need the Uber tariff?

To work with Uber, you must fulfill a number of obligations:

  • You must register as an individual entrepreneur;
  • You must acquire a passenger transport license;
  • You must acquire a taxi driver’s card (also known as zluta karta);
  • You must pass the city knowledge exam;
  • You must register your car with the Taxi Service;
  • You must register for VAT (with the identified person mode).

The most difficult obligation to fulfil for an experienced driver, however, is the registration as an ‘identifikovana osoba’ with the relevant submission of reports. For this, it’s imperative that you gain assistance from DoMyTax.

Read more about Uber’s requirements and how to fulfil them here.

Additional services:

  • Registration of PI with a TAXI license - 6,500 CZK. A discount can be acquired when selecting and signing for our Uber tariff.
  • Registration as ‘identifikovana osoba k DPH’ – 3,000 CZK.
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