Opening of a personal bank account in the Czech Republic

2017-03-20 11:45:14

For whom

  • You are EU citizen or you have a financial connection to Czechia like job contract with local company, you pay or receive rent here, you are registered as a Czech Sole Trader
  • You need to save money on transfers from account to account within the EU?
  • You need a reliable bank with guarantees (each deposit is insured)?
  • You need clear Internet banking in Europe?

Then, it is worth it to consider opening an account in one of the Czech banks!

EU Residents

If you are a resident of the European Union, meaning that you have a long-term residence permit in any of the EU countries, or you are EU citizen, then you have the right to open bank account in any of the EU member states, including the Czech Republic. By law, the bank is not able to deny your request.


If you are a foreigner without a long-term visa valid in one of the EU countries, the Czech bank has the right to issue you a refusal to open an account. You will need to thoroughly prepare for you visit and bring all supporting documents.

Our help

We organize the whole procedure and the translation of the documents into Czech language. We will accompany you to the bank. Opening an account takes from an hour to two hours. We explain to you all the subtleties, your rights and obligations, we recheck the contract. We ask for you all the questions that you might be interested in: account opportunities, regular payments, discounts, promotions, additional services, access to loans and mortgages.

This service costs 400 euros.

Sometimes circumstances appear in such a way that you need an account, but there is no way to go urgently to Prague.
There is an opportunity to open an account in the Czech Republic remotely, when our employee completely passes the whole procedure for you, but in this case, you do not get access to your Internet banking immediately. You will be provided with the access straight away after you arrive to Czech Republic.

Contact us and we will help you with any question!

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