It’s still possible to submit your annual report for 2022 without any penalties!

2023-03-21 12:53:07

It’s useful for all tax-paying residents of the Czech Republic to know that if you didn’t manage to file a tax return before 3.4.2023, for any reason, don’t be upset since there is one more opportunity to avoid any penalties! You can submit a report in electronic form until 2.5.2023. And we’ll show you how to do it.

In 2023, the tax portal of the Czech Republic was modernized so now it’s possible to register on the “MOJE daně” portal not just via an electronic signature or “datovka” (Datová schránka), but also with Identification via the Internet with ‘Banking’ (Bankovní Identita). This way is much easier and faster because you already have all the data for authorization.

In the online tax system, you can file reports, check filing deadlines, keep track of your tax obligations, and set notifications that will remind you about important dates or mandatory payments. The most interesting and useful fact to know is that the deadline for submitting annual reports when sending the report electronically has been extended by 1 month! In 2023, the deadline for filing an annual tax return in paper form is 03.04, but if you are a happy owner of a “datovka” or are registered on the tax portal, this deadline has been extended for you until 02/05/2023.

And now we offer step-by-step instructions for registering in the tax portal using Internet Banking Identification: To start the registration process, you just need to go to the website and follow the link tax office).

  1. From there we go to the section “Online finanční úřad” and from the proposed options in the DIS + section we select: E-Identita → Bankovní Identita
  1. From the list of banks, we find a suitable bank which you already have access to.
  2. Then everything is simple: you need to enter key access data to Internet banking and, if necessary, confirm it with an SMS code or password (depending on your bank’s rules and regulations). For example, Česká spořitelna:

5. Confirm the activation of your own personal tax office DIS + with the answer “YES”. Immediately afterwards, the process of transferring data from the Tax Service to your online account will begin. The full process can take up to 48 hours, and as soon as the information is transferred your office is ready to use!

So, with a couple of clicks, you’ll massively simplify your “communication” with the tax office and don’t burden yourself with printing out extra papers and trips to the tax office!

We remind you that by submitting an annual return through our tax consultant, you can extend the submission deadline until 1.7.2023.

Experienced specialists at Domytax will help you prepare your annual return so that you pay as little tax as possible. Entrust your taxes to the professionals!

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