Nominee director and nominee shareholder service in the Czech Republic

We offer services of reliable nominee directors and shareholders with Czech citizenship and valid lawyer license. Packages start from 3 months.
Nominee director – czech citizen
  • Simplified process of opening and maintaining a bank account in the Czech Republic.
  • Your name is not recorded in the Commercial Register in the position of director.
  • If the company is in the process of liquidation or goes through an insolvency process, this does not affect your other activities.
* price per month, 3 month minimum package
Nominee Director – Czech lawyer
  • All the advantages of a director - citizen, plus:
  • The lawyer is responsible with his license.
  • Nominee - lawyer is bound by a non-disclosure agreement and may not transfer sensitive data to third parties.
* price per month, 3 month minimum package

Why do you need nominee service?

  • Simplified process of opening and maintaining a bank account in the Czech Republic.
  • Status of a local company in the eyes of Czech and European partners.
  • Direct contract with nominee and actions solely by order of the beneficiary.
  • Your personal information is hidden from prying eyes.
  • In case of ordering an additional service of the nominee shareholder, Your name is not recorded in the public registers at all, Organizational structure allows you to be flexible in matters of business reporting and the beneficiary has the legal right to obtain a residence permit for his company and use taxes and related payments as an expense of his business.
  • A professional performer is free from the shortcomings of family members and friends. No moral obligations and mood swings.
  • The service is accompanied by a account manager.

Additional services:

  • Administrative assistance of the nominal director 1500 CZK / hour.
  • Legal advice 3000 CZK / hour.
  • Nominee shareholder service: additional 6,000 CZK to a monthly payment.


  • Can I be a director myself?
    Czech laws do not prohibit foreigners to be directors in companies, but this is associated with certain difficulties for the company: from additional checks when opening and maintaining bank accounts to unplanned representation costs.
  • The bank does not open the account of my company or notified the closure of the existing one. What's the matter?
    If the company is not active in the Czech Republic, has no employees, office, warehouse, then Czech banks often have legitimate concerns why your company should have an account in the Czech Republic, and not in the country where you do business. The solution to this situation is to use the service of a nominal director and / or founder.
  • I have a company in the Czech Republic and I would like to arrange a residence permit (labor card) for it. I’m not a EU national (or need a work permit).
    The work of a business owner in his firm is a common thing. In order to apply for a residence and work permint, it is necessary that the person employed is neither the director nor the founder of the company. The solution is to use a professional nominee director and founder.
  • How do you pay for services?
    The first payment includes payment for the preparation of documents (tripartite agreement, documents for appointment / withdrawal of the nominal director) in the amount of 10-15 thousand CZK, then a three-month returnable deposit and payment for the first three months.

You may need:

  • Accounting from 500 CZK / month,
  • Complex tax consultation from 1500 CZK / hour,
  • Incorporation or change in existing company structure from 5000 CZK.