Bookkeeping and reporting regarding cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Domytax offers classical accounting services for firms or sole proprietors engaged in cryptocurrency transactions.

Bookkeeping regarding crypto and NFT engagement – idiosyncrasies

Accounting for cryptocurrencies and NFT differs from standard accounting in its technological, economic and legal characteristics and the resulting risks associated with their ownership. The rules in force in the Czech Republic, although they are set out in a number of methods and recommendations, do not explain the features of cryptocurrencies and methods enabling appropriate financial reporting. Nevertheless, the legislation of the Czech Republic requires accounting and tax issues for all types of activities related to cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

If you are engaged in the buying/selling, mining or investing of/in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, our professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience will help you to effectively solve these and other issues related to the accounting of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. In addition, we’ll successfully support you with tax-related issues regarding:

  • Airdrops,
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO),
  • Forks,
  • DeFI, CeFI,
  • Staking,
  • Mining,
  • NFT.

Get in touch, and we’ll swiftly and correctly develop an accounting and financial reporting framework for your business.

Five reasons to order accounting services from DoMyTax

Do you need specialists who are familiar with all the subtleties of accounting, have experience in solving complex tasks, and are responsible for meeting deadlines and current regulations? DoMyTax’s employees meet these requirements and more. In addition, a number of additional advantages are offered:

  • Cloud-based document exchange;
  • Transparent tariffs, thanks to which customers understand what they are paying for and receive the optimal set of services;
  • It’s possible to coordinate bespoke terms of cooperation;
  • The company offers a wide range of services that allow you to get a one-stop-shop solution;
  • The financial information provided to us by the client is never disclosed to third parties.

Are you looking for a bespoke offer? To get one, it’s enough to contact our manager by leaving a request on our website or by calling the specified number.

Additional services:

Service Price without a tariff, CZK Price with a tariff, CZK
Transport Tax Report (Silniční dáñ) 2,000 Koruna from 1,200 Koruna
Real Estate Tax Report (Daň z nemovitosti) 2,000 Koruna from 1,200 Koruna
Compilation of accounting methodology for cryptocurrencies and NFTs 5,000 Koruna from 4,000 Koruna
The preparation and submission of annual reports to statistical agencies 2,000 Koruna from 1,200 Koruna
VAT Registration 8,000 Koruna from 6,000 Koruna
Registration for VAT as an Identified Person 4,000 Koruna from 3,000 Koruna

* Prices for services are shown excluding VAT.

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